Hospital Leadership & Providers

Active Medical Staff

Kirk Dodson, M.D.,
Internal Medicine

Lester Johnston, M.D.,
Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Robert J. Williams, M.D.,
Family Medicine

Community Medical Associates Staff

Lee Dinning, D.O.

Ra’Shead Shakaer Pompey, BSK, DS, D.O.

Lester Johnston, M.D.,
Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Michelle Mason-Woodard, M.D.,
Family Medicine

Kim Lowe
Physician Assistant Certified

Payton Brown
Physician Assistant Certified

Jessica Cofer
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Courtesy and Consulting Medical Staff Members

Augusta University Neurologists provide 24-7 Emergency Tele-Stroke Services
South Georgia Radiology Associates provide 24-7 Tele-Radiology Services
SouthlandMD Associates provide 24-7 Emergency Services

Hospital Administration

Tracie P. Haughey, CEO/CFO
Angie Radford, BSN, DON
Kelly Powell, MSN, Director of Outpatient Clinic Services
Susan D. Pope, HR and Community Relations Director
Dean Winfrey, Facility Manager
Jillian Morris, Executive Assistant

Hospital Authority of Wilkes County Members

Preston Sanders, Chairman
Ray Hardy, RN, Vice-Chairman
John Keen
Tom Phillips, M.D.
Fred Andrews
Charles LeGette, Legal Counsel
Jennifer Jackson, R.N.
Elizabeth Coe,  D.O

Wills Memorial Hospital is governed by a 7-member Hospital Authority. Members serve without compensation and are approved by the county commissioners. Hospital Authority meetings are open to the public and held the 4th Thursday of the month at 4:00 PM. Any change to the regularly scheduled meeting will be posted at the main hospital entrance.